Grief and Loss (26-09-18)

Client’s that present for counselling often bring up similar issues; however the way that people think, feel and respond to concerns can be vastly different. What is hurting or helping for some, may not make sense to others. Understanding and managing our losses and grief in life can be a similar experience. For example, for […]

Creatively You (16-08-18)

On a daily, sometimes hourly basis, we continue to experience changes in many aspects of our lives. As individual beings at home, work, socially, and in the broader community, impermanence is a reality that effects us all, whether we choose to acknowledge this or not. When faced with challenges and choices, remaining flexible in our […]

Work Life Balance (18-07-18)

Our careers and life events are usually so intertwined that at times it may be difficult to determine where stressors are actually arising from and how to best address them. In order to create a life with minimal conflict and high contentment; understanding that work support is personal support and vice versa, is imperative. If […]

Couple’s Sessions (18-06-18)

Having attended a 2 day Gottman Therapy course in Brisbane “Bridging the Couple Chasm”; I have recently spent some time reflecting on the nature of intimate couple relationships… Can you remember a time when your connection with your partner was happy and fulfilling? During the early stages of your relationship, what was different to where […]

Improving Vulnerability (10-05-18)

When client’s feel deeply understood, I have observed that this change in their emotional state can enable healing and open doors to moving forward with an issue. This point highlights that when we interact with those closest to us, it is valuable to consider more than just our communication skills. Many people have an internal […]

Are You A Strength Spotter? (12-04-18)

Counselling is not just about the way we think in relation to a problem, situation or concern. Every person is a unique collection of thoughts, feelings, behaviours and emotions; all of which can have an impact on our quality of life. Becoming increasingly more aware of ourselves and people that we interact with may encourage […]

Are you a Carer? (13-02-18)

Caring for a loved one who is unwell or supporting aging parents and relatives can be overwhelming and exhausting at times. Having worked in both the public and private health sector as a Registered Nurse and providing personal assistance to family members through illness and aging, my varied life experience has been very beneficial in […]

Listen (20-12-17)

According to Stephen R. Covey…”Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply”. Improving our listening skills has many advantages, such as enhancing effective relationships, reducing misunderstandings, and building trust and respect. As 2018 approaches, how will you move forward with the people that play a role […]