Anticipatory Grief (22-11-17)

Grief can affect our lives in numerous ways. With no clear route to follow, our response to a loss is likely to be personal and unique to our individual nature. With anticipatory grief, feelings of grief develop before, rather than after a loss (Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 2009). As well as seeking support from friends and […]

Self-esteem and Confidence (20-10-17)

Do you trust in your abilities? How highly do you regard your own worth? Is your relationship with yourself and others affected by low self-esteem or poor self-confidence? The concepts of self-esteem and self-confidence can sometimes be confused. As awareness and understanding are key factors when initiating change, knowing the difference between your levels of […]

Managing Time (22-09-17)

Are you prone to wasting time? Morgenstern (2016) suggests using the WADE formula as a potential option for managing our ‘To-Do Lists’; W: write it down; A: add up the estimated time to complete each task; D: decide what to do (delete, delay, delegate or diminish into smaller tasks); E: execute your plan of action. […]

Self-awareness (27-08-17)

What is Self-awareness? Defined by the Oxford Dictionary, Self-awareness is the “conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives and desires”. Having self-awareness is vital for us to be successful in many different areas of our lives; including our capacity to create a satisfying work/life interaction. Self-awareness is a diverse and deeply personal subject that […]

Supporting Change (24-7-17)

In recognizing that we have become stuck with an issue or situation in life, it can be challenging to know how to create opportunities for change. Being able to broaden your existing ways of thinking and doing things with the support of a caring and non-judgmental counsellor, could be an active step towards exploring, initiating […]

Counselling Appointments (21-06-17)

A common question asked by clients is how many counselling sessions they will need. As each person is unique and will present with different concerns, issues and priorities, there is no pre-determined number of appointments that will suit everyone. Being guided by your needs and experience of increasing awareness, session progress is discussed supportively at […]

Gratitude (23-05-17)

Acknowledging what is good in our lives whilst not disregarding challenges, rather working in conjunction with our challenges, is a strength that may improve your satisfaction with life. If you choose to look for something to be grateful for, versus focusing on something that you are jealous, angry or resentful about; how might that process […]

A Resilient Journey (24-04-17)

Throughout our lives, challenges and loss will most likely be an unavoidable part of our journey. Have you noticed how you tend to respond during trialing┬átimes? Maybe you are calm and realistic; or do you view yourself as a victim, becoming increasingly more overwhelmed? Every individual will respond differently to developments that occur in their […]

Being Assertive (15-03-17)

There are many different ways, that people communicate, for example passively or aggressively or a combination of styles. Reviewing your use of verbal and non-verbal behaviour may provide insights about how you can better respect yourself and others in order to reduce stress and increase your quality of life. Being assertive encourages one to express […]

Stress (16-02-17)

When someone feels stressed, their unique perspective or response to a situation could be helpful or harmful. According to The Oxford Dictionary, Stress is ‘a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances’. Considering that changes in our life can be gradual, sudden, expected or unforeseen; learning how to […]