02Cania Gorge July 2010Everyone’s experience of aging and changes in their health can be vastly different. Sometimes the impact of a change in health or the life stage you are transitioning through can lead to a lot of uncertainty, worry, interpersonal conflict and other difficult emotions. It may be that you are the family member or carer of a person requiring support; and would like to talk through your concerns regarding this responsibility or process.

For many people, seeing a counsellor may provide an opportunity to reflect on their life or focus on a present concern that is troubling them. Talking in confidence about issues that may never have been discussed before could assist you to move forward with greater understanding, self awareness and purpose.

Adjusting to changes and challenges with the support of a counsellor, can be beneficial to adults of all ages and stages of their life’s journey.


” A life spent making mistakes is more useful than a life spent doing nothing”. George Bernard Shaw