Self Care during Counselling (6-9-16)

Whether you are considering counselling for the first time or the twenty first time, it may be helpful to have a plan prepared regarding what you might do following each session. In order to maximise your counselling experience, you will need to share personal information that may be distressing for you to discuss. Although your counsellor will support you through this process, after a particularly intense session, you may feel a variety of emotions such as sadness, disappointment, anger or confusion; as well as being physically and mentally tired. Allowing time to sit somewhere quietly, listen to peaceful music, enjoy a turmeric latte, or take a gentle stroll by the Noosa river are some ways that people look after themselves following appointments. As counselling is a very unique experience, others may need to release energy with exercise or do something they enjoy like cooking. Finding ways that suit you to self care during a period of counselling will be important. These actions may enable you to continue working through your issues with your counsellor until you reach the point where you can move forward in life with a greater capacity to self help.


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