Do you have a personal issue that is impacting on your working role?
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Are you struggling with a work related stressor that is interfering with your life outside of work? Have you been thinking about achieving a greater sense of satisfaction regarding work life balance?

There are many factors such as workload, interpersonal conflicts and bullying, employment conditions, role stressors and social relations that can leave people feeling less positive and unmotivated about their work commitments.

Considering the amount of hours we invest in workplaces during our lifetime, could improving your job satisfaction or addressing an ongoing personal concern enhance your overall sense of purpose and well-being?

Providing a supportive environment where you will be listened to and not judged, may be a great starting point to identify your real concerns, understand them more fully, and begin to navigate a meaningful way forward.


“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”. Henry Ford